Happy Hours Group

We offer the perfect services for you


Social Media Management

Like a stylist we’re here to make you look sexy. Showing off your best assets. Posting can be a drag, but we’re here to make it a stroll in the park.

Review Site Management

Bad reviews can ruin your day, but we fight back with the kindest of words.

Media Influencer Events

Bringing together the coolest kids to the most talked about party. Who doesn’t want to be apart of the NEW NEW?!

Public Relations

Look Mom & Dad! I’m on the news! Check me out in the morning newspaper! We’ll help you be seen!

Brand Partnerships

What if you could team up with your favorite player, movie, character, brand? You would make magic with it!

Large Influencer Network

We know people that know people that knows even more people.

Monthly Status Updates

We’ll make the boring stuff fun like a coloring book.

Branding Management

Here to help your brand look like the new hot girl in the red dress at school. Creating an identity that sticks to your core values and educates your brand story.

Brand Development / Consulting

Being a super hero is great and all but having a super team can help bring ideas together to save the world!

Content Creation Photos / Videos

Your favorite films have love, action, thrillers, laughs, and more. As your movie director we’re putting the visual effects that’ll move your audience.

Web Design

Coding? Who wants to do that boring stuff?? Have no fear! Us geeks got that on lock.

Menu Design Development

Let us make your menu pop! No one wants to see a menu and not knowing what they’re getting.

Ad Buys

Advertisements are annoying. Unless it’s really really really good.

Credit Card Processing Agents

All money is good money! Let us set up the best way to accept the dough.


    Monthly Meeting to Plan Out Strategy & Execution ∙ Monthly Meeting to Analyze Outcomes ∙ Minimum 3 Month Minimum Commitment ∙ Monthly Retainer Due in Advance